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About Us

  1. Besides OEM, ODM, R&D service, we are proud to introduce our own-brand, featuring different technique and aiming each level and generation-- Da Bomb covers extreme frames, components, and bike-related accessories while Relic focus on high-end CNC machined parts for road bike and XC. Titantech offers ultra-light with strength screw by custom’s demand and need case by case.
  2. DA BOMB LogoDa Bomb has been on the market for more than 13 years and the publicity has been growing rapidly indeed. Specialized on MTB, all we want to represent is being innovative and cutting-edged products. We ride it therefore we make it.
    DA BOMB Logo
  3. RELIC LogoRelic simply wants to deliver a idea of precision for bicycle components, aiming at on-road as well as cross country bikes. Emphasis on light-weight& CNC machined without strength compromise,our relic speed line will be defined not just utterly strong but also functional and durable for road and mountain bike components.
    RELIC Logo
  4. TAITANIUM LogoBeing Titanium Alloy specialist and manufacturer, our ultra light Titanium parts, treated by die-casting and CNC machined, has been adapted by several major bicycle companies.
  5. HiBike LogoWe are honored to introduce the products under brand Hi Bike—the Racing Stand & Monster snow bike as well as its frame kits for your choice.
    HiBike Logo